Surreal moments in the Northwest – 6/12 – Darrell’s Tavern, Seattle

Tonight, third of four gigs already. Oh my … how fast this is all going! I still can’t believe it. Arlington was a lot of fun! And also afterwards, we had our share of laughter and wonderments. At headquarters in Shoreline, we shared the ever so necessary beverages, stories and (if I am not mistaken) a good ol’ bag or two of round tortilla chips (I love those …). Today is September 10th and we have pretty much the whole day off (unloading at Darrell’s Tavern is at 6.30pm and it’s only about a five minute drive (10 if traffic’s bad)). Let’s decide to go to …

The Jimi Hendrix Memorial in Renton

The 20-odd miles drive to Renton took well over an hour. 20 mph on the freeway (the nefarious Interstate 5) is not too bad, if you consider us (Kevin, Prairie and myself) not to be in any kind of hurry. Sitting in the car is good for bonding, I guess. Bonding and sweating. Man, it was a hot day.

At the memorial, I had a hard time believing what I saw. I visited Hendrix’ grave in 1994, when it was no more than a memorial plaque in the grass. Now, well, you’ve probably know/seen it, now it’s an actual mausoleum. Pretty impressive, I’d say. Definitely worth some Kodak moments.

img_1017 Photo by Prairie Prince

img_1004From left to right: Fred Händl, Kevin Crosby, Prairie Prince, Jimi Hendrix

On the road again

Time to go back home and do some preparations for the big show tonight! We passed Darrell’s today and it looks like a wonderful place. It’s across the street from Fred Meyers. A shop with my name on it. See?!

Fortunately Kevin knows all the roads to his place and so we managed to avoid getting stuck in traffic on the way back. Look at this view!

img_1013On the road with a view

The gig

Time for the gig! What can I say? We had, once again, a blast! Each time it is an absolute honor to share the stage with all these talented musicians. And nice guys at the same time! What more can one want? I do feel blessed! On stage this evening (just like the past two days): Kevin Crosby on bass, Rupert Kettle on (slide) guitar, Ike Willis on guitar and vocals and Prairie Prince on drums. But, hey … what do you know!! Special guest tonight: Michael Wansley (Wanz)!! He’d join us on stage for a marvelous rendition of Montana. Thanks so much, Wanz! I totally enjoyed playing with you!

img_1032Outside Darrell’s Tavern

img_1024We’ve been announced!

img_1028Checking sound


img_1025My workstation that evening.


img_103Thank you, everybody – we totally enjoyed that!

From left to right: Prairie Prince (d), Ike Willis (g,v), Rupert Kettel (sl.g, g), Fred Händl (p, syn), Kevin Crosby (b) and Wanz (v)