Surreal moments in the Northwest – 4/12 – Dante’s, Portland

Three days passed since touchdown. Three days, already? Dude! So quick that went!! A day of adjusting to a new time zone, a day in the park with a rehearsal in the evening, and a day eating junk food from 7/11, topped off with an evening with Z.E.R.O. – consisting (this time) of Kevin Crosby, Rupert Kettle, Ike Willis and Prairie Prince. Oh my. And if that was not enough excitement yet, things were really about to roll now. First gig of four, coming up! Tonight: Live at Dante’s in Portland!

The van

Any self-respecting band has a tour van. And since we respect ourselves very much, we also have a van. ‘Have’ is a big word, but we could borrow one (thank you, Susan!). It might seem smallish, but what do you know! All equipment fitted very nicely (after removing one of the back seats, that is).

A van that we not only used to drive the 184 miles to Portland, but also back again! What a treat. I had to get used to the automatic transmission, though. It took me a few funny braking moments, but I think I did well. Here’s a picture for ya’all.

And off we went to the first gig of the tour of the Northwest! In the van: Ike Willis, Prairie Prince, Kevin Crosby and yours truly (behind the wheel). Quite the ride, I can tell you that. But the weather was nice, we passed Tacoma (where we’d play three days later – more on that soon), saw some big airplanes (probably C-130, or even C-17) and we even had coffee and cookies at some rest area. See? See? See how you are!?


Dante’s – Portland

Arriving at the venue right ahead of time .. so after unloading The Van, we had some time off. I spent my time buying a carton tube for mailing posters, a heart-shaped can filled with sweets, a little pipe, made out of licorice, a Portland shot-glass and cigarettes. I think. Not so sure about the cigarettes, but pretty sure about the tube and the rest.

Dante’s is a wonderful place, with a nifty little terrace where one can sit and watch the traffic go by. As well as street vendors that offer you a 21 dollar hat for only 7 bucks! Although I was tempted, I decided to turn my dollars into beer (PBR, this evening).

Some photographs

Here’s some photographs I took before, during and after the gig. If you have any to share, please feel free to send them to me. You can use the very easy to remember email address for that. But you can also keep them just for yourself, of course. But, again, we’d appreciate it!



Thank you Portland!

Time for kudos … what a wonderful evening! A huge shout out to all the people involved. The staff at Dante’s, the fans, all those who came up to us to thank us for the show … I forgot all of your names, but all you guys and gals made my day! Thank you SO much!! Hope to see you again, some day. If you had a good evening, remember that I had at least twice as good an evening. Thanks to you!

Off to Shoreline again. It’s late. We’re tired. ETA is about 4.30am. But hey … rock ‘n fucking roll!

Arlington tomorrow. Already looking forward.

~ Fred