Surreal moments in the Northwest – 3/12 – Ike Willis and Prairie Prince

It’s Day 2 of my ventures in the Northwest. I’ve been flown in from The Hague, the other side of the pond to perform with Z.E.R.O. (Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra). In Z.E.R.O. (this time, as Z.E.R.O. is ever changing) are Kevin Crosby (5-string bass), Rupert Kettle (guitar and slide guitar), Ike Willis (guitar and vocals) and Prairie Prince (drums). You read that right: Ike Willis and Prairie Prince … and now me. On keys. Today, Ike and Prairie arrive. Game on!

Kevin’s Place

In a very nice place, called Shoreline. In state of Washington, there’s Kevin’s place. I really don’t remember that well what I did before the evening, but came evening, this setting of Z.E.R.O. was complete! Ike Willis arrived safely from LAX to SEA. As did Prairie Prince from SFO. Also to SEA. Yay!

All was well. First gig in Portland coming up, tomorrow. But that’s tomorrow. Now, we play at Kevin’s Place.

Kevin's Place Kevin’s Place

Kevin's Place Kevin’s Place

Kevin's Place Kevin’s Place

The rest of the evening

Was there a rest of the evening? Oh, yes, wait! Think there was. I am pretty sure there was. It included tequila and beer. And Kevin. And Prairie Prince. And lots laughter. Good times were had!

Portland better be ready for us … (and vice versa .. oh my, those nerves of mine).