Surreal moments in the Northwest – 2/12 – Bubbles and rehearsal

On tour with the Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra, featuring Ike Willis, Prairie Prince, Kevin Crosby, Rupert Kettle and yours truly. Four concerts, four cities. Portland, Arlington, Seattle and Tacoma. A great honor and … as I’d discover … a heap load of fun and thrills! And so the saga continues. This here entry covers part of September 6, 2016. Second day in the Northwest at Kevin’s house.

Day 2 – September 6th, 2016

After day 1, there was Day 2. What do ya know? As September 5 was one of mostly adjusting to a different time zone, September 6th is marked as a day filled with fun things. Unexpectedly much, actually!

Even though I do not remember at what time I got up, but I got up nevertheless. Ready for a day of surprises. It’d be the last day before Ike Willis and Prairie Prince (you know those people, right?) would arrive and this evening (the evening of the 6th) we (that being Kevin, Rupert and I) had a rehearsal planned. But first … a walk in the park.

In the park Trees. And stuff.


A view over the water. A view over the water.


From left to right: Kevin Crosby, Pinky Pie, Fred Händl From left to right: Kevin Crosby, Pinky Pie, Fred Händl


Salmon slide. Salmon slide.

Piano crossing. Painted by the Bubbleman. Piano crossing. Painted by the Bubbleman.

Enjoying a view. Enjoying a view.

And after a great walk through Carkeek Park – as the park is called (just found that out, actually by Googling Salmon slide, Seattle), we ran into the Bubbleman. What a show! Thank you :)

Bubble blowing Bubbleman. Bubble blowing Bubbleman.

Fred, Bubbleman and Kevin Fred, Bubbleman and Kevin

On the keys. On the keys.


Walking in the park and looking at bubbles is all nice and stuff, but we are here for the music as well! So, off we (that would be Kevin and I) went to pick up Rupert from the ferry. You read that right: from the ferry. Some people commute by car, some by bike or even by foot. But not Rupert. Rupert’s cool. He goes by ferry.

Since I was so absorbed by all cool things going on this day, I forgot to take any pictures of that rehearsal. But I can tell you: it was great fun! And I had Rainier beer – lovely. No pictures of our rehearsal, but on the way to the ferry to pick up Rupert, we passed this truck.

A truck. A truck.