New roads

IMG_0772Hello guys and gals,

This is kinda like an official announcement. Or something.

After 18 months of sublime musical fun, I have taken the decision to leave ZAPPATiKA. There, I said it. It was not a decision taken easily, but it feels like it was the right thing to do. Parting is never easy and there is never a good moment to break the news.

And in this case, it was particularly hard because I have grown very attached to everybody in the group and to all the wonderful people we met on the road. All the marvelous concerts, rehearsals, the just hanging about, diners, drinks, the new places, the people in the audience … It was a wonderful rollercoaster ride, with exciting loop-the-loops, anxious climbing, dazzling dives and plenty of corkscrews. A ride to always remember.

It would seem that leaving the band, having written the above words, doesn’t seem like such a logical choice. And that’s exactly what it is not. It’s not a logical choice. It seems to be one of those gut-things. They don’t always make too much sense at the time, but in the long run, sometimes they turn out just fine. The infamous gut-thing also got me IN ZAPPATiKA and, I can only say that I am extremely happy and grateful that I listened to it, 18 months ago. For it has been fantastic!

So, I am off to explore and wander about new roads, carrying along the beautiful ZAPPATiKA experience, forever etched in my thoughts.

Thank you for all the moments on and off the stage: Zap, Maarten, Tal, Hieronymus, Coen, Joep, Twister, Ike, Ed, Denny, Bill, Hank, Jeff, Diego, Clint. And you.


~ Fred