The Dub Room Special!

The Dub Room Special!

81-The-Dub-Room-Special-8-24-2007The Dub Room Special!

Zappa, CD, Zappa Records ZR 20006, August 24, 2007

Official release #81

  1. A Token Of My Extreme (Vamp) 2:29
  2. Stevie’s Spanking 5:54
  3. The Dog Breath Variations 1:42
  4. Uncle Meat 2:16
  5. Stink-Foot 3:58
  6. Easy Meat 6:51
  7. Montana 4:24
  8. Inca Roads 9:46
  9. Room Service 9:15
  10. Cosmik Debris 7:44
  11. Florentine Pogen 10:13

Produced, Mixed & Edited by FZ (November 1982)

Supervision & Sequencing by Dweezil Zappa
Vaultmeisterment by Joe Travers
Mastered by Steve Hall (April 2003)

Liner notes by John Frusciante
Art direction & text by Gail Zappa
Cover painting by Eric White

KCET, Los Angeles
August 27, 1974
Engineer: Kerry McNabb

FZ—guitar, percussion, vocals
Napoleon Murphy Brock—sax, vocals
George Duke—keyboards, finger cymbals, tambourine, vocals
Ruth Underwood—percussion
Tom Fowler—bass
Chester Thompson—drums
Mort Libov—vocals (uncredited)

The Palladium, NYC
October 31, 1981
Recording engineer: Mark Pinske (uncredited)
Remix engineer: Bob Stone

FZ—lead guitar, vocals
Ray White—guitar, vocals
Steve Vai—stunt guitar, vocals
Tommy Mars—keyboards, vocals
Robert Martin—keyboards, vocals
Ed Mann—percussion, vocals
Scott Thunes—bass, vocals
Chad Wackerman—drums

1. A Token Of My Extreme (Vamp) 2:29

George: What the?

Heh heh heh

George: […] told him […] wasn’t gonna do him no good, but he kept insisting.

Heh heh heh

Heh heh heh

George: See that broad over there?
Napoleon: I don’t—
George: She said—
Napoleon: All she had to—

George: All she had to do was—
Napoleon: She doesn’t—

Heh heh heh

Napoleon: If I had my choice—
George: But, like, she wouldn’t—

Heh heh heh

Napoleon: […] Wait a minute!

Heh heh heh

Napoleon: I told ya […]
George: But—
Napoleon: Listen here. I went up there the other day—

George: Heh heh heh

Napoleon: […] everybody […] Carrots are not gonna be served until they bring— Somebody
George: I said, “Get down, Ruth!”

Heh heh heh

Napoleon: Ladies and gentlemen! Right now we’d like to introduce to you, all the way from Transylvania, by way of Cucamonga, California, came here in a Herbie-mobile, driven by Marty-marty-poo, ladies and gentlemen, I do present to you, right over here, in his brand new Sears and Roebuck’s tweed, ladies and gentlemen, let’s get together now and have a nice round of applause for Mr. Frank Zappa!

2. Stevie’s Spanking 5:54

His name is Stevie Vai,
And he’s a crazy guy
Last November, I recall,
He needed a spanking

He decided then
A female specimen
Would be exciting for a night
To give him a spanking

Laurel was her name
She came to Notre Dame
He told me just the other day
He oughta be thanking
Her for the spanking

She was large and soft
And she beat him off
Made him drool upon his dork
And gave it a wanking
After the spanking

Hair brush!
Oh! What a hair brush!
(It’s not that he requires grooming!
Guys with light blue hair never do!)

Then she did exclaim:
“There’s another game
That we can play with this device,
And then a banana!”

It was slightly green
Vapors in between
Rising up to fill the room
And cook the banana

She said it was dry
“Stevie won’t you try
To drool a little drool on it
And grease the banana”

Later in the dawn,
Laurel carried on
She got right up and dressed herself and
Ate the banana

3. The Dog Breath Variations 1:42


4. Uncle Meat 2:16


5. Stink-Foot 3:58

(Well . . . )
Ahem. In the dark
Where all the fevers grow
Under the water (Yeah . . . )
Where the shark bubbles blow
In the mornin’ (Mornin’ . . .) (Well . . .)
By yer radio
Do the walls close in t’ suffocate ya
You ain’t got no friends . . .
An’ all the others: they hate ya
Does the life you been livin’ gotta go? Hmm?
Well, lemme straighten you out
About a place I know . . .
(Get yer shoes ‘n socks on people,
It’s right aroun’ the corner,
Over by Tom Waits restaurant)

Out through the night
An’ the whispering breezes
To the place where they keep
The Imaginary Diseases,
Out through the night
An’ the whispering breezes
To the place where they keep
The Imaginary Diseases . . .

Now, ladies and gentlemen,
Scientists call this disease
But us regular folks
Who might wear tennis shoes
Or an occasional python boot
Know this exquisite little inconvenience
By the name of
(Now watch this):
(Yes, indeed.)
Y’know, my python boot is too tight
I couldn’t get it off last night
A week went by, an’ now it’s July
I finally got it off
An’ my girl-friend cry,
She said: “STINK FOOT!
STINK FOOT, darlin’
Your STINK FOOT puts the hurts on my nose!
Can you rinse it off, d’you suppose?”
Here Fido . . . Here Fido . . .
Bring the slippers, little puppy . . .
That’s a good dog!
“Arf, arf, arf!”
Sick . . .

FZ: Oh, that’s enough of that!

6. Easy Meat 6:51

This girl is easy meat
I seen her on the street
See-through blouse an’ a tiny little dress
Her manner indiscreet . . . I knew she was
Easy, easy, easy meat
Easy, easy, easy meat
Easy, easy, easy, easy
Easy meat, easy meat, easy meat, easy meat

She wanna take me home
Make me sweat and moan
Rub my head and beat me off
With a copy of Rollin’ Stone . . . I knew she was
Easy, easy, easy meat
Easy, easy, easy meat
Easy, easy, easy, easy
Easy meat, easy meat, easy meat, easy meat

I told her I was late
I had another date
I can’t get off on the Rollin’ Stone
But the robots think it’s great . . . I knew she was
Easy, easy, easy meat
Easy, easy, easy meat
Easy, easy,
Easy, easy
Easy meat, easy meat, easy meat, easy meat

She’s so easy
I saw her tiny titties
Through her see-through blouse
Just had to take the girl to my house

7. Montana 4:24

I might be movin’ to Montana soon
Just to raise me up a crop of
Dental Floss

Raisin’ it up
Waxen it down
In a little white box
That I can sell uptown

But by myself I wouldn’t
Have no boss,
‘Cause I’d be raisin’ my lonely
Dental Floss

Raisin’ my lonely
Dental Floss
Raisin’ my lonely
Dental Floss

Well I just might grow me some bees
But I’d leave the sweet stuff
To somebody else (how ’bout you, right over there?) and then I would

Keep the wax
‘N melt it down
Pluck the Floss
‘N swish it aroun’

And I would have me a crop
Poo-poo ta-na-nah
And poo-poo ta-na-nah

Movin’ to Montana soon
Gonna be a Dental Floss tycoon
Movin’ to Montana soon (well)
Gonna be a mennil-toss flykune
(I wonder what that means . . . )

I’m pluckin’ the ol’
Dennil Floss
That’s growin’ on the prairie
Pluckin’ the floss!
I plucked all day an’ all nite an’ all
Afternoon . . .

Oh, I’m ridin’ a small tiny hoss
(His name is MIGHTY LITTLE)
He’s a good hoss
Even though
He’s a bit dinky to strap a big saddle or
Blanket on anyway
He’s a bit dinky to strap a big saddle or
Blanket on anyway
Well, any way

I’m pluckin’ the ol’
Dennil Floss
Even if you think it is a little silly, folks
I don’t care if you think it’s silly, folks
I don’t care if you think it’s silly, folks

I’m gonna find me a horse
Just about this big,
An’ ride him all along the border line

With a
Pair of heavy-duty
Zircon-encrusted tweezers in my hand
Every other wrangler would say
I was mighty grand

But by myself I wouldn’t
Have no boss,
‘Cause I’d be raisin’ my lonely
Dental Floss

Raisin’ my lonely
Dental Floss
(Yes it is!)
Raisin’ my lonely
Dental Floss

Well I might
Ride along the border
With my tweezers gleamin’
In the moon-lighty night
(Help me out, Ruth! Tweezer glint . . . )

And then I’d
Get a cuppa cawfee
‘N give my foot a push . . .
Just me ‘n the pygmy pony
Over by the Dennil Floss Bush

‘N then I might just
Jump back on
An’ ride
Like a cowboy
Into the dawn to Montana

Movin’ to Montana soon
Movin’ to Montana soon
Movin’ to Montana soon
(Why don’t you sharpen it then?)
Movin’ to Montana soon
(Yes indeed)
Movin’ to Montana soon
Movin’ to Montana soon

8. Inca Roads 9:46

Did a vehicle
Come from somewhere out there
Just to land in the Andes?
Was it round
And did it have
A motor
Or was it

George: Sure was different. I ain’t never seen nothing like that in my entire life!
Napoleon: Whose python boot is that? That ain’t my sh— What?
FZ: Why don’t you sharpen it then?

George: Little round ball . . . I could . . . couldn’t . . . That white cain’t do nothin’
Napoleon: Je-he-zus! Wait a minute!
FZ: Mother Mary and Jozuf!

Did a vehicle
Did a vehicle
Did a vehicle
Fly along the mountains
And find a place to park itself
Park it

Or did someone
Build a place
To leave a space
For such a thing to land

Did a vehicle
Come from somewhere out there
Did a vehicle come
From somewhere out there
Did the Indians, first on the bill
Carve up the hill

Did a booger-bear
Come from somewhere out there
Just to land on Perellis?
Was she round
And did she have a motor
Or was she something different

Guacamole Queen
Guacamole Queen
Guacamole Queen

At the Armadillo in Austin Texas, her aura,
Or did someone build a place
Or leave a space for Chester’s Thing to land
(Chester’s Thing . . . on Ruth)
Did a booger-bear
Come from somewhere out there
Did a booger-bear
Come from somewhere out there
Did the Indians, first on the bill
Carve up her hill
On Ruth
On Ruth
That’s Ruth

FZ: Thank you very much.

9. Room Service 9:15

One, two, three, four . . .

Doo-doo roo-ooh-oom
Doo-doo roo-ooh-oom
Doo-doo roo-ooh-oom
Doo-doo roo-ooh-oom
Doo-doo roo-ooh-oom (Right out front there’s a)
Doo-doo roo-ooh-oom (Nearly a year ago there’s a)
Doo-doo roo-ooh-oom (Wash your hands in the)
Doo-doo roo-ooh-oom (Everybody goin’ to the)
Doo-doo roo-ooh-oom (Everybody goin’ to)
Doo-doo roo-ooh-oom

FZ: Hello? Is this room service?
Napoleon: Room service! This is not only room service, this is your automatic and responsible doo-doo room service.
FZ: Good God, ain’t it funky now? Look here, you know, do you realize how heavy these telephones are that we’re holding?
Napoleon: Ah, do I realize!
FZ: I’ll make a deal with ya, I’ll put mine down if you put yours down.
George: Mental telepathy.
Napoleon: What would you like? What would you like? We got everything, what would you like?
FZ: You’re sure that this is doo-doo room service, right?
Napoleon: This is doo-doo room service.
FZ: Alright.
Napoleon: Not just do-do room service, doo-doo room service.
FZ: Alright. I want you to understand one thing.
Napoleon: Go ahead.
FZ: You’re talking to a hungry guy.
Napoleon: All you musicians are hungry, go on . . .
FZ: That’s right. And so many of them eat.
Napoleon: There you go . . .
FZ: And there are the ones who don’t eat, well, ladies and gentlemen, just focus on this one fact: I’m pretending to call room service right now at an imaginary hotel that we can’t name because they don’t sponsor our program, but there’s still hope for them.
Napoleon: Humble, humble people . . .
FZ: However, ladies and gentlemen, just, just pretend that he’s working in the kitchen and I’m up in my lonely little rock’n’roll musician’s room . . .
Napoleon: Stop burning those beans!
FZ: Ha ha ha . . . stop burning those beans?
Napoleon: I’m in the kitchen, you know, gotta control . . .
FZ: Why don’t you sharpen it then?
Napoleon: Gotta control these pilgrims in the kitchen . . .
FZ: Okay.
Napoleon: . . . you know, they’ll burn the beans.
FZ: Hello, is this room service? Look, I’m so hungry. I’m so hungry . . .
Napoleon: What would you like?
FZ: I want to eat.
Napoleon: Anything you want to eat, you can get it here.
FZ: I want a green hocker.
Napoleon: Let me write this down, one . . . green hocker.
FZ: In a Greyhound locker.
Napoleon: In a Greyhound locker. You musicians sure have some strange requests!
FZ: Yeah, well . . .
Napoleon: But doo-doo room service is here to please, go on.
FZ: That’s right. I want a green hocker in a Greyhound locker . . .
Napoleon: One green hocker in a Greyhound locker . . .
FZ: Smokin’!
Napoleon: Smokin’!
FZ: In the Pygmy Twylyte . . . You do aim to please, don’t you?
Napoleon: We burnin’ that sucker up!
FZ: Ha ha ha . . . we’s burnin’ that sucker up! Listen to that!
Napoleon: It’s a equal . . . you know this is a equal employment . . .
FZ: How you do go on?
Napoleon: Let me tell you. Is that all you want? You sure you don’t want no meat?
FZ: No, no, listen . . .
Napoleon: Don’t you want some meat? We serve meat.
FZ: Ha ha ha . . . No, I got some meat.
Napoleon: Wait a minute!
FZ: Here’s the deal.
Napoleon: No . . . You shouldn’t talk about our room service unless you taste it first. You gotta taste it first.
FZ: Oh, well, I’m, I’m very anxious to taste it, however I’m not finished givin’ you my order. Okay?
Napoleon: Okay. What else would you like?
FZ: I want you to concentrate. Just let your mind drift back to the first part of the order, it’s a green hocker in a Greyhound locker smokin’ in the Pygmy Twylyte, and I want, I want to avoid the Garni Du Jour, I never eat the Garni Du Jour . . .
Napoleon: You don’t?
FZ: No . . .
Napoleon: What about the dogs?
FZ: Now, listen.
Napoleon: They gotta eat.
FZ: I haven’t told you about the dogs yet.
Napoleon: I saw you when you registered, don’t tell me . . . caravan of dogs . . . oh, those were two boogers and one dog, I’m sorry.
FZ: The dogs did not register with me.
Napoleon: Oh, okay.
FZ: There’s only one person the dogs register with.
Napoleon: I knew they were with your troop but I didn’t know which one.
FZ: And he used to have a suit on, gorilla hair on it. Now look. I want to avoid the wrinkled carrot.
Napoleon: Okay, no wrinkled carrot.
FZ: No thin, wrinkled carrot, no celery, no . . .
Napoleon: No twisted celery . . .
FZ: No parsley.
Napoleon: No parsley.
FZ: No salad that’s so soggy that you don’t want to get in near it.
Napoleon: No salad with Saran Wrap on top of it . . .
FZ: No. I don’t want any styrofoam cups.
Napoleon: . . . to keep the flies . . . No styrofoam cups . . .
FZ: I don’t want any styrofoam knives and forks.
Napoleon: No paper plate.
FZ: No, no paper plates.
Napoleon: Man, we gonna serve you on China, this jive gonna be on genuine China.
FZ: I must have come to the right hotel this time.
Napoleon: Doo-doo room service. Anything you need, we here to please.
FZ: During the last, during the last show the room service wasn’t quite this good, but I know that I’m really gonna get it this time. Now, look . . .
Napoleon: Well, we try hard— We do try harder, you know.
FZ: Along with the green hocker in the Greyhound locker smokin’ in the Pygmy Twylyte, I would like to have a crystal eye . . .
Napoleon: One crystal eye.
FZ: A crystal eye (that’s two crystal eyes) . . .
Napoleon: One more crystal eye.
FZ: That’s right. And a crystal kidney.
Napoleon: And one crystal kidney. You know that’s just about like liver, you know, but shinin’ though.
FZ: Yeah.
Napoleon: Yeah, you know. So if you want it . . .
FZ: Yeah, I want it!
Napoleon: Alright, where do you want us to bring it to?
FZ: Sure I want it. I don’t want you to be burnin’ that sucker up, though.
Napoleon: Wait a minute. You said you wanted to smoke it . . .
FZ: No, not the kidney.
Napoleon: Oh, okay.
FZ: Now, okay, I want you send this to room 3-3.
Napoleon: Room 3-3. That’s right after f-four. 4-4.
FZ: No. 4-4 is somebody else.
Napoleon: Ah, okay. 3-3.
FZ: That’s Chester’s room.
Napoleon: Ha ha . . . I must be in 4-5, then, and Duke must be in 4-3. Ha ha ha!
FZ: Ha ha ha!
Napoleon: The way Marty registers all the Orientals in this group . . . Here we go . . .
FZ: Look . . . Yeah, would you be able to recognize me, I’m in room 3-3, and I’ll be right next to room 3-4.
Napoleon: Alright!
FZ: And 3-4 is the room that’s got that smell of a dog coming out of it.
Napoleon: Well, I know he won’t miss that.
FZ: Okay.
Napoleon: The person I’m sending up is familiar with that odor. Yes he is!
FZ: You know . . . ha ha, why? Because he’s from Baltimore?
Napoleon: NO! Because he has a little beard and his office is in the Motown building and on and on and on, well, you know.
FZ: You’re trying to tell me that this guy is so swift that my order is gonna get up there right away?
Napoleon: They call him Slick for short.
FZ: Slick for short?
Napoleon: When he don’t have shorts, they still call him Slick.
FZ: Okay, well, I want you to send him up, because I sure am hungry.
Napoleon: Listen here, matter of fact, so you won’t get the wrong guy, I’m gonna tell who we gonna be sendin’ up, you know we’re gonna send up to you with your fabulous order up to your room . . .

Zach, Zach, Zach Glickman
(Drivin’ a little bitty car)
Zach, Zach, Zach Glickman
(He knows how to dial a phone real good)
Zach, Zach, Zach Glickman
(He’s the kind of guy you’d call a friend)
Zach, Zach, Zach Glickman
(But sometimes he’s a drag)

FZ: Hello, room service?
Napoleon: Yes?
FZ: Look here, I want you to dummy up, because my food ain’t got here yet, you know?
Napoleon: Is this room 3-3?
FZ: It’s room 3-3, you know, next to three . . .
Napoleon: Your food didn’t get there?
FZ: No, it never got here. That guy from Baltimore that you sent up just didn’t make it, you know?
Napoleon: It’s a case of bad judgement, I’ll try better this time.
FZ: Yeah, ha ha . . . Listen, I’m gonna get very angry with you. I’m gonna, I’m going to call Herb if the food doesn’t come right away.
Napoleon: Hey, ah . . . yeah, as a matter of fact, I tell you what we can do, ha ha . . . so we make sure your food does get there, and that you don’t get any advances, and for that matter, so you don’t get too much food for the price you’re paying. You know who we’re gonna send the food up by?
FZ: No, who you’re gonna send the food up by?
Napoleon: We’re gonna send the food up by the one and only . . . this cat, Herb!

(You know, he got a little hair on his head)
Herb, Herb, Herb Cohen
(Kinda cute when he curls it, you know)
Herb, Herb, Herb Cohen
(Walks around sayin’, “No advances!”)
Herb, Herb, Herb Cohen
(What you gonna do?)

FZ: You know the food finally got here and uh . . .
Napoleon: Alright. I knew I can depend on him, you know . . . because he’s got it down to the . . . hundredths of a second.
FZ: Yeah, I know, Herb does have it down to the hundredths of a second. Well, you know, I think we’ve exhausted the possibilities of this routine, do you suggest we end the song?
Napoleon: Either that or get Mort up here to dance, I mean, you know . . .
FZ: Oh, wait a minute. Mort, come here. Mort, come on.
Napoleon: Come on, come on, Mort.
FZ: Now, look, you can fill out the AFTRA contract later . . .
Napoleon: Don’t be bashful. Don’t be bashful, Mort.
FZ: Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce you to, this is Mort Libov. Mort Libov, de la Baltimore, is the producer of the show, and he would like to sing to you right now . . .
Napoleon: Yeah! Ha ha ha ha ha! Well . . . well . . .
George: Well . . . well . . .
FZ: Good God, ain’t it funky now! I’ll tell you what, hey, I’ll make it easy.
Napoleon: Gimme that wine, oh, gimme that wine, gimme that wine . . .
FZ: We’re gonna make it easy on you, Mort. All you have to do is sing your own name on the off beat, you’re ready?
Mort: You’re gonna do it with me?

Mort, Mort, Mort Libov
Mort, Mort, Mort Libov
Mort, Mort, Mort Libov
Mort, Mort, Mort Libov

Napoleon: Hire him! Hire him!
FZ: An instant superstar!
Napoleon: Put that sucker in the band! Put that sucker in the band!
FZ: If this show ever goes on television, and if this show ever galls . . . if it ever galls to Arbutus, if it ever goes to Baltimore, if it ever goes to Havre de Grace, to all those fine places, I want all the people in that WRETCHED state of Maryland to understand one thing: Mort’s from there, Marty’s from there, Zack is from there, Chester’s from there, and I’m from there too.

FZ: Thank you!

10. Cosmik Debris 7:44

The Mystery Man came over
An’ he said: “I’m outa-site!”
He said, for a nominal service charge,
I could reach nervonna t’nite
If I was ready, willing ‘n able
To pay him his regular fee
Why, he would drop all the rest of his pressing affairs
And devote His Attention to me
But I said . . .
Look here brother,
Who you jivin’ with that Cosmik Debris?
(Well . . . ) (Who you jivin’ with that Cosmik Debris? Why don’t you sharpen it then?)
Look here brother,
Don’t you waste your time on . . .

The Mystery Man got nervous
An’ he fidget around a bit
He reached in the pocket of his Mystery Robe
An’ he whipped out a shaving kit
Now, I thought it was a razor
An’ a can of foamin’ goo
But he told me right then when the top popped open
There was nothin’ his box won’t do
With the oil of Afro-dytee (Well . . . )
An’ the dust of the Grand Wazoo
He said:
“You might not believe this, Mort, but it’ll cure your crab cakes too!”
An’ I said hey . . .
Hey, look here Morty,
Who you jivin’ with that Cosmik Debris?
(Yes, indeed, who are you jivin’ with that Cosmik Debris?)
Look here brother,
Don’t you waste your time on . . .

Go man, go . . .

George: Well . . .
Napoleon: Well . . .
FZ: Well . . . Hratche-plche, hratche . . . Well . . .
Napoleon: Crab.
George: Well . . .

I’ve got troubles of my own, I said
An’ you can’t help me out
So take your meditations an’ your preparations
An’ ram it up yer . . .
“BUT I GOT A KRISTL BOL!,” he said
An’ he held it on up to the light
So I snatched it
All away from him
An’ I showed him how to do it right
(Yes, let’s boogie!)
I wrapped a newspaper ’round my head
So I’d look like I was Deep
I said some Mumbo Jumbos then
An’ told him he was goin’ to sleep
I robbed his rings
An’ pocket watch
An’ everything else I found, yeah!
I had that sucker hypnotized
He couldn’t even make a sound
I proceeded to tell him his future then
As long as he was hanging around,
I said
“The price of meat has just gone . . .
An’ yer ol’ lady has just gone . . . “

Look here brother,
(Look here brother)
Who you jivin’ with that Cosmik Debris?
(Now is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho?
Or is it Bob Duffy’s pants?)

Don’t you know,
You could make more money as a butcher,
So don’t you waste your waste on me

11. Florentine Pogen 10:13

Ah-oh-oh-oh ah-oh-oh-oh ah-oh-oh-oh oh-oh

La-la la-la la-la la-la
Ba-la ba-la na-la

She was the daughter of a wealthy
Florentine Pogen
Read ‘em ‘n weep
Was her adjustable slogan

She was a debutante daisy
With a color-note organ
Deep in the street
She drove a ’59 Morgan


That’s the kinda step she takes
When her hot breaks hot brakes
That’s the kinda sound she makes
(ooh, let go uh me)
When her crab cakes

She didn’t like it when her fan belt
Shrunk & got shorter
Battery leaks could nearly cost her a quarter

She didn’t want to go home
An’ watch the pestle go mortar
Later she speaks
On how Perellis might court her

Marty’s dog, na-na-hoo
Na-na-na, noo-na-hoo
Na-na-na, na-na-na!
Na-na-na, na-na-hoo

She was the daughter
Of a wealthy
Florentine Pogen

Read ‘em ‘n weep
Read ‘em ‘n weep
(Take a booger home with you to)
Read ‘em ‘n weep


Chester’s go-rilla
She go oink
Chester’s go-rilla
She go quack
Chester’s go-rilla
She go moo
Chester’s go-rilla
She go

FZ: Thank you. Chester’s Gorilla was played by Marty Perellis.