Frank Zappa's classical comeback

Frank Zappa’s classical comeback

Zappa is being embraced by the classical world 20 years after death

FZ – A Late Night Special

A Late Show Special – 1993 A late show special on the life and music of Frank Zappa, broadcast in the UK shortly before his death in 1993.

Nicolas Slonimsky on Frank Zappa

Nicolas Slonimsky on Frank Zappa

In these recorded comments by Slonimsky, his musical world (classical/avant garde) and that of Frank Zappa (popular/avant garde) came together primarily due to the publication of a book by Slonimsky on scales and harmonies that attracted Zappas attention. Slonimsky recounts…

New York & Elsewhere - documentary

New York & Elsewhere – documentary

New York & Elsewhere (documentary)   Directed by Rudolf Dolezal & Hannes Rossacher Includes (at least): FZ talking about the Mudd Club Mudd Club, May 8, 1980 (“Mudd Club” and “Chunga’s Revenge”) Interview with Steven Mass (owner of the Mudd…

1971 FZ Documentary

1971 FZ Documentary

“Frank Zappa”, by Rudolf Kiers, VPRO. Originally aired 1971, february 11th. A Dutch documentary mixed with concert footage from [November 6,] 1970. First aired sometime in 1971. VPRO 1971, version 1 (55 min) 0:00-1:00 ìntroduction 1:00-3:40 Soft Cell Conclusions 3:40-8:10 FZ at home…

A Day With Frank Zappa

A Day w/ Frank Zappa 1971

A day with Frank Zappa_a documentary made by vpro-television in Holland in 1971. Directed by Roelof Kiers. Sound recording owned by UMG.