About Jazzappa

Fred-HandlHello. Welcome to the show. My name is Fred Händl and I write. I also play piano and guitar. And I care. A lot, actually.

And that’s why I have been maintaining jazzappa.com to keep the memory of Frank Zappa and his music as alive as possible. Since the arrival and acceptance of Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, I see many wonderful things happen when it comes to spreading Zappa’s music, words and videos. I am glad I can be a part of that. So, this is Jazzappa, my two cents.


These pages are no more (and no less, either) than my personal shrine to his genius. I will be adding an image gallery soon as well as a links section. For now, the video department is the place to be. Videos posted there are the result of stuff I found on YouTube that I thought is worth sharing.

I believe in sharing the good stuff, so if you have something that you feel I should add, please drop me a line here: [mudshark@jazzappa.com]. I also like faxes. Fax me here: +31 848 776 008

Just for the record, I am not supporting links to videos that violate copyright in any way. If you find something here that you believe shouldn’t be here, please let me know and I will remove it. If you are a Zappian, you buy all the official releases and do not promote illegal copying of his music. I am not (and I repeat: NOT) a saint and I believe record companies are really fucking up, so I believe it’s all their own problem, but when it comes to the ZFT, I do support their crusade against illegally distributing Zappa’s music. After all … it’s a family business and it will really jeopardize further new releases. So, don’t be cheap and get your Zappa here.

Music is the best.

~ Fred Händl